One event planning calculator for every event.

Meet Pocket Planner, the free all-in-one catering & event planning calculator.

Pocket Planner event planning calculator

Eliminate hours of hand calculations when you manage events and catering inventory with Pocket Planner.

Easy to use event calculator

All you need to know is your attendee size, Pocket Planner will take care of the rest.

Make changes quickly and give clients accurate estimates for their event.

Pocket Planner Easy to Use
Pocket Planner is All in One

All in one

Ensure that you have all of your calculations in one place for quick reference.

Easily create an account with your email address, and access your data at any time.

Create as many events as you need in Pocket Planner.

Use our pre-set Convention Industry Council standards or apply your own.

Pocket Planner Industry Standard

Free collaborative event planning software for happier clients, and no stress.

Streamline communication

Use real-time collaboration and instant updates to keep your entire team, clients, and vendors in sync.

Find venues fast

Source all in one place! Discover the best venues for your next event, and explore accurate floor plans, photos, and more.

Create custom diagrams

Provide a personalized experience and save time with accurate floor plans, templates, custom furniture, and visual seating.

Keep everything in one place

Unlimited storage means you can upload and manage files, from client contracts to photographs and PDFs.

Make setup a breeze

Get everything set up properly and safely with easy downloads and quick printouts for vendors.

Create a better experience

Ensure every VIP gets the right treatment. Easily manage seating, meals, and more.

Delight attendees

Greet guests and check them in fast with easy-to-use tools that keep your team in sync no matter where they're stationed.

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Measure success

Use analytics to determine peak event attendance and how to staff future events.

Drive loyalty

Build stronger relationships by giving clients access to make changes to diagrams or to watch as you make edits live.

Unlock the world's most popular event diagramming, seating, and more!

Make setup and communication a breeze with Cvent Event Diagramming

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