Cloud File Storage Made Simple

Discover one of the most straightforward cloud file storage solutions on the market. Store your files in a central location that’s accessible to anyone who needs it, and sort documents in a way that makes sense for your team.


What is cloud file storage?

At its highest level, cloud file storage is a service that hosts and stores users’ files. The files are saved to a server that can be accessed via a standard internet connection. Typically, users log into accounts with a cloud file storage provider via a username and password, or other means of authentication, enabling them to access files from any device.

What are some benefits of cloud file storage?

Cloud file storage comes in many shapes and sizes, and can provide meaningful benefits for all types of users.

  • Consumer cloud file storage services help save space on personal computers, ensure that important files are protected from computers breaking or being lost, and can automatically back up users’ photos and other files to provide peace of mind. Services like Google Photos can even instantly upload photos from your phone.
  • On an enterprise level, cloud file storage services make it easier for colleagues to share and collaborate within files across workplaces. These services are often a more affordable alternative to physical, onsite data storage, because cloud storage usually functions on a pay-as-you-go model, meaning you don’t need to purchase entire servers when you run out of space.
  • Frequently, cloud file storage services enable users to grant access to specific files or folders, allowing easy sharing of large files without the need to transfer large amounts of data via email or other means.

Why is cloud file storage important for events?

  • Cloud file storage keeps everything related to the event in a place that’s accessible to all stakeholders.
  • Users can store event diagrams, guest lists, invitations, catering menus, marketing materials, and more.
  • Rather than rely on email, sticky notes, and multiple versions of files, a cloud file storage service ensures that everyone is on the same page, and that the most up-to-date information is available at all times.
  • Because decision making for events is often a collaborative process, the best cloud file services will save older versions of your files in case you need to revert to an earlier idea.
  • With cloud file storage for events, there’s never a doubt where anyone should look for accurate information about the event plan, which can be especially helpful as the day of an event approaches.

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Discover the leading cloud storage solution in hospitality.

Simple cloud storage and file sorting

Event setup diagrams, attendee lists, contracts, notes, and more. Keep it all in a location your whole team can access. Sort in a way that works for you with filters that make sense.


Key information at a glance

Our cloud file storage solution makes it easy to find what you need with clear visual previews of your diagrams. View all your diagrams side by side instead of hopping in and out of folders for individual events and comparing by memory.

No more duplicative work

Diagrams, contracts, templates, and documents from past events are easily accessible, enabling you to quickly produce results for new clients. Duplicate diagrams quickly and make real-time edits to amaze your clients with a fully realized vision faster than ever before.


Examples of other top cloud file storage solutions

Explore more cloud file storage offerings to understand the benefits this type of platform can bring to any business or venue.

  • Consumer and business focused.
  • Straightforward file and folder backup. Files are synced across devices and can be accessed from anywhere. Easily share files and folders via email or with a link, and recover mistakenly deleted files (which are saved for 30 days).
  • Unique feature: Users can remove all files from a device remotely in the event that it’s lost or stolen, and private files cannot be accessed.
  • Mainly business focused.
  • File storage network with comprehensive sharing permissions to enable teams and individuals to access shared files and folders.
  • Thousands of integrations enable Box to plug right into existing networks and systems.
  • Transfer large files with just a link, avoiding issues with file size limits in emails
  • Unique feature: Enterprise-grade security controls who can access what, how long certain files are available, and can password encrypt anything that’s stored.
  • Leading enterprise cloud solution.
  • Provides server space to companies of all sizes to run their applications.
  • Flexible server capacity enables organizations to only pay for the storage they need.
  • Provides scalable, available, secure, and reliable file storage and computational power to enable companies to run applications and store critical data.

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Save time and hassle with diagram versioning and version restore tools; and offer smart automation tools for seating, catering, and guest lists.

Perfect any size event

Confidently scale the attendee count and square footage for your event without a loss in performance.

Collaborate in real-time

Strengthen relationships by inviting clients or vendors to watch and comment as you make changes on diagrams they can see.

Keep everything in one place

Keep everyone on the same page from start to finish by storing files for any event in one place and seeing event history.

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